(a)   The city manager is hereby authorized and empowered to make regulations concerning those times during which the provisions of sections 19-110(d) and 19-110(e) shall not be in effect, and during which parking shall be lawful at any time and for any length of time; and to make regulations designating through highways and streets; designating stop intersections; designating yield intersections; designating one-way streets; designating no-parking zones; designating limited parking zones, both as to time and as to type of vehicles; designating angle parking zones; designating loading zones; designating taxistand zones; designating crosswalks and safety zones; designating play streets and alleys; designating zones for quiet; designating zones restricting overtaking and passing; designating traffic lanes; designating maximum speed zones; designating intersections at which no right, left or U-turn may be made at any time or only at certain times; and any other regulations designating areas or zones of restricted or limited stopping, standing, parking, turning, passing, speed or operation of vehicles when the manager shall find and determine that such regulation is necessary for safety purposes or to expedite traffic, to the extent any such regulation is not in conflict with any ordinance of the city. Upon making such regulations, the city manager shall cause traffic control devices to be properly posted or installed advising the public of such regulation.

(b)   The city manager shall cause to be placed and maintained traffic control devices, including traffic control signals, when and as required under this article and future traffic ordinances of this city to make effective the provisions of this article and future ordinances, and the city manager of or the city manager’s designee may place and maintain such additional traffic control devices as deemed necessary to regulate traffic under the traffic ordinances of this city or under state law, or to guide or warn traffic.

(Code 1971, § 23-3; Ord. No. 2001-2810, § 4, 9-5-2001)

Any person seeking to recover any vehicle or other device impounded or stored by the city pursuant to statute, ordinance, regulation or other applicable law shall first pay to the city or such person that may, by contract with the city, provide tow-in and impoundment services the following fees:

(1)   Towing fees: actual amount charged, not to exceed $150.00; and

(2)   Impoundment fees: $20.00 per day with no proration for partial days.

(K.S.A. 8-1101 et seq.; Ord. No. 2010-3004, §§ 1, 2, 10-20-2010)